International Data Sim card

There are many people all around the country who are travel freaks and their ultimate dream is to travel the world. Whether awake or asleep, what they think of is just travel. Travel is their love, their passion, their everything. What they want to do is to just explore and feel the beauty of nature which our mother earth offers to us.

But, when it comes to travelling, they have no worry in exploring the world alone. Whatever the case it be, be it you are travelling alone or with your family, you need to stay connected with your near and dear ones. Usually, a handsome amount of money is spent on this and it makes it very difficult to stay in touch. Also, using your home sim with international data roaming costs becomes very inconvenient and sounds impractical. Hence, this becomes a reason for your worry.

Here is a solution to your worry now. No need to spend your time on worrying too much over how to stay connected with your loved ones at a cheap rate. The response to your question mark faces is the international data sim card which Mobile services have come up with, that to at a very cheap rate, just for you. Its therefore now time for celebration and its gala and party time now.

Mobile services have come up with an international data sim card which it offers to you at the rates which you won’t find anywhere else. Apart from the cheapest rates which it offers, it offers to you a bundle of additional benefits. This international data sim card has a wide spread network and offers to you high speed international data in more than hundred countries.



It provides to you the high speed international data at the cheapest roaming rates. This leads a helping hand in always staying in touch with your loved ones at a minimal rate. This international sim card is highly compatible and gives you access to the internet in any device you wish to use it, be it your mobile phone, tablet, USB modem, wi-fi hotspot or in any other device. As, this international sim card is highly compatible and can be used in various devices, this sim is available in various different sizes, so that you can use it in the device of your wish. Apart, from these great features, the best one is that it has no expiration period with a minimum to up of time every year. This gives you full control over it, as you spend on it. You can very easily monitor your live data usage online with the help of your account in the real time portal. This international sim card uses the system of automatic activation on the portal. It allows you to access global 3G internet from only 6p per MB. Also, it offers to you the fully pre paid internet access, where you can buy any pre paid data bundle on the portal from 200MB to 5GB in your zone to activate this international data sim. The lasting period for each bundle is 30 days and it can be bought again at any time you wish to. Also it can be upgraded at any time and more data can be added instantly anytime according to your suitability. Also, apart from this feature of adding data instantly, it offers you another amazing feature which will never ever let you stay without data. This feature is that of auto reload. Whenever you feel that your data is about to end, you can set it on auto reload mode. Also, leaving aside this you can even pre load bundles which shall be scheduled to start at a date sometime in the near future. For keeping a track of your usage from time to time, you can also set up email usage notifications. This will help you in keeping a track of your usage and hence you can plan and take your steps further accordingly. When it comes to billing, there are no overage, no additional charges and there are increments in the costs per 1kb.

You can order this international data sim card and it is offered to you at the price of five Euro per sim card. Also, the delivery charges are extra, that to over and above it. But, these delivery charges can be negotiated. The payment of this international data sim card can be made through three different modes, i.e. by using the credit card; or by using the debit card, or through paypal. You can choose one out of these three different methods, and make payment by whichever way you wish to. The best part is that, you are offered the support service of this all seven days a week and all twenty four hours a day. Hence, you can make use of this service, any time you wish to, even at a time late during the night, without giving it a second thought.

After the advent of this international sim card, the process of doing communication overseas has become more efficient and simple. And this card ensures that wherever you go, you do not feel lonely, and so it keeps you connected with the lovely group of people of yours every time.

So, after you have a look at all the features of this international data sim card, you can see that how amazing this data sim card is for travel freaks. It offers to you large number and a variety of remarkable feature, in short everything, which you would have wished for, that too at very minimal rates. Getting this sim card in your hand would add sparks and spices to your travel trip. So, if you are a travel freak, then this is the best option for you till date. So, don’t think over much and grab this opportunity to buy this. Such wonderful opportunity might not knock your doors the other time. Do not miss this opportunity. Hence, join this Mobile Service and make your travel easy and enjoyable.