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Provider of World’s Leading Alternative Roaming Service Takes Over Two Competitors — Top Connect, owner of TravelSIM announces the acquisition of Telestial and GoSim.

Top Connect, the provider of the world’s leading alternative roaming service TravelSIM, with more than 5 million users worldwide, has announced the acquisition of Telestial and GoSim, two competitors in the international mobile roaming market.

“The purchase strengthens our market position in Western Europe and Australia, as well as in North America. To be closer to customers and better serve their needs, we have decided to franchise the Telestial brand to our North American distributor OneSimCard who has been our good partner for more than 10 years. The GoSim and Telestial brands have started to offer an equally extensive range of products as TravelSIM in over 200 countries and data packages with very attractive pricing,” says Max Rivshin, CEO of Top Connect Ltd.

According to Rivshin, Top Connect continues to seek opportunities for further expansion through acquisitions, product development, and larger distribution network. “Alternative international roaming is still growing the business. As travel increases, so do the need for corporate customers to seek alternative mobile roaming services,” he explains.

Telestial and GoSim have been providing roaming services for more than 10 years all over the world and established a strong brand awareness and high customer retention.