Technology is far more progressive than anticipated before. As we have already stepped into the 2k16, a new era begins in the technological domain. The MWC has already taken place, and many big corporate guns have unleashed their flagship designs with over the top specifications and features which would soon be released on the open market for consumers to buy. But there might be hundreds of them releasing all over the world and not all of them are worth a second look. So here we are, presenting the top 5 phones to watch out for in the smart phone market of 2016.

Samsung Galaxy S7- March 2016

Unveiled on February 21, 2016, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is perhaps one of the most awaited flagship design smart phones. Improved performance, faster delivery, IP68 protection which allows waterproofing, no need for rubber caps to block ports and a sturdy design to withstand accidental blows- that’s Samsung S7 in a nutshell for you. The phone would be made available from March 11 however, pre-ordering the device will get the phone to you 3 days before its official release on the market.

LG G5- April 2016

The new LG G5 was one of the most important announcements in the MWC 2016. Built with a magnesium alloy chassis, the G5 is a whole new level of improvement on its previous weak designs. Battery Swapping is just amazing in LG G5, which lets the whole bottom slide down, and you replace the battery with ease to push it back in. The magic slot too is one of the best specs LG has ever delivered. Even though the price has not yet been announced, this smart phone is one to watch out for.

Apple iPhone 6C/7C

When companies like Samsung, Motorola, Xiomi and LG are coming forward with huge improvements, how could we have Apple lagging behind? The new Apple iPhone 6C and 7C are set to take the mobile industry by storm soon. Even though it is being speculated that the screen would be a big disappointment this time with Apple iPhone 6C and 7C, the other features would set the standards in smart phone industry for coming years. The date of release hasn’t been announced yet, and if rumours are to be believed, we might not see the new Apple flagships designs until September this year.

Motorola Moto G4- July 2016

Even though Lenovo’s announcement on phasing out the Moto series except for its top designs led many to believe that the G series has come to an end, the resurfacing of a new smart phone which might be the new G series contender has made many Moto fans happy. Moto G 3rd Gen was released in July last year, and it is being speculated that if Moto will come up with the 4th Gen, it would be done by the same month of the year- July 2016.

Xiaomi Mi5

The design has been unveiled, prices set, specifications released and they are all set. Xiaomi Mi 5 is the successor of Mi 4 and sets a new milestone in the Mi series of the brand. The specifications are being compared to Samsung S7 so needless to say, the phone will deliver top notch features and bring a world of amazing specs to your fingertips.