This article is about a world wide known company: Bonac Innovation Corp. and was realized thanks to its representative Peter Bonac who was interviewed and was pleased to share more details about it…

First of all I want to ask you about your company name: whence it has occurred, who had the idea to name it so?

The name Mobiado was created by the company founder Peter Bonac.

Why had your company decided to provide the given spectrum of services?

Virtually all mobile phones are manufactured from techniques designed for mass production. The most common being injected molded plastic. Even when metals are used on mobile phones, they are almost always stamped or cast. These techniques are designed to be fast and cheap which results in a mobile phone that looks and feels that way. From day one it has always been our goal to make a phone that is unique and to use manufacturing techniques, specifically CNC machining to build a superior, quality product. Luxury mobile phones are phones that are built with precision and quality in mind.

How long have you been on this market? Please, tell us a little about your company history?

Since the company’s foundation in 2004 in Vancouver, Canada, Mobiado has achieved a legacy of design innovation. Mobiado has taken pride in being a distinctively different and innovative manufacturer, producing the finest and most technologically advanced mobile phones.

Probably, your company has achieved certain successes during this period. Can you say something about these successes?

Mobiado is the hallmark of some of the most famous mobile phones ever created: the 2004 Professional was the first CNC machined phone to be created from aircraft aluminum…the 2005 Professional EM was the first exotic wood phone to be produced…the 2007 Luminoso was the first phone to uses sapphire crystal buttons and the first 3G luxury phone…the 2008 Professional 105ZAF was the first phone to have its entire front and back created from sapphire crystal…and the 105GMT was the first mechanical watch phone.

Has your company participated in fairs and exhibitions? If yes, tell us where, how and when.

Mobiado is proud to be an official sponsor of Couture Fashion Week in New York City. Like the fashion industry, Mobiado knows the importance of style, color, and materials. Couture Fashion Week is a series of luxury fashion shows held multiple times each year in New York City, Palm Beach, and other selected cities featuring fine designers from around the world presenting exquisite garments and accessories. The event attracts press coverage and upscale fashion buyers as well as socialites and other affluent fashion consumers.

Which countries do you work with? Why especially these countries?

We are constantly expanding and have distributors/retails all over the world.

Please, enumerate the main principles of your company, and let’s talk a little about your company’s policy.

Defined by its distinctive straight lines, perfectly flat surfaces, and circular buttons, Mobiado phones are regarded as an icon of modernism. True artistic beauty using only the finest materials and precision crafted components. Luxury in Mobility.