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When it comes to Nokia mobile phones, the expectations are very high. Finns are traditionally known for their accuracy, high standards and ability to surprise. Have they managed to incorporate all these values into the flagship N8 samrtphone ? We are about to find.

Starting with the build, it has a specific design, maybe not as elegant as on the iPhone 4 but still beautiful in its own way. The phone is far from being thick (113.5×59x12.9mm). The SIM card slot is on the side, rather than inside, of the phone.

The power button and the 3.5 mm audio slot are located on the top. There is also a microSD card slot to boost your memory up to 16 GB They standout feature, 12MP Camera, has its influence on phone’s design. It gives Nokia N8 a raised bar around the middle, which is obviously a let down. Moreover it drags on tables and there is not a lens shutter. These are the sacrifices for a magnificent camera.

Nokia N8 has a 3.5-inch, 640×360 resolution screen. It is an AMOLED panel offering a range of bright color. Videos and photos look great. Multi touch gestures work smooth and fast. When we mentioned Nokia’s ability to surprise, we couldn’t be more right. The Nokia N8 comes with a couple of useful extra hardware features worthy of note. The ability to accept USB storage as well as act on it is neat and a HDMI slot.

The Nokia’s N8 Camera is simply brilliant and it is all about the 12 mega pixel sensor. It allows you to shoot on high resolution, capturing even the smallest dots or dust. That makes N8 device the best camera phone ever. Add to this the 720p HD video recording and you have a full package of tremendous photo and video experience.

Having praised the camera so much we are unfortunately let to lament the Operating System. While Symbian 3 is faster than Symbian S60 5th edition, it still has a lot of lags, dull apps, white screens appearing from nowhere and browser issues. It’s particularly disappointing knowing that Symbian has a huge potential.  However one of the Symbian’s strong points remains its power consumption. The Nokia N8 is in the league of its own when it comes to battery life. We can forget about recharging it for about 2 or 3 days even with heavy usage.

Nokia N8 is the perfect phone for Nokia fans and offers the best Camera experience on the market, but the likes of iPhone and Android devices are equipped with better software. So, consider your options and priorities before getting it.


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