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HTC 7 Mozart review - изображение

The HTC 7 Mozart is amongst the first smartphones to embrace the highly promising Windows Phone 7 operating system, and while its predecessors HTC HD 7and HTC Trophy represent the flagship and economic model, HTC 7 Mozart aims to provide highly enjoyable photographic and musical experience. Hence, it is named after the notorious musician. Focusing on multimedia, particularly music and photography is never an easy task. Our full HTC 7 Mozart review will show where HTC got it right and where is room for future improvement.

First of all, we have the already compulsory minimum specs for Windows Phone 7 devices, 1 GHz processor, at least 8 GB of internal memory and a standard 5MP camera. However, HTC 7 Mozart offers additional audio processing, in the form of SRS Enhancement and Dolby Mobile, and an 8MP camera with Xenon Flash.

The first stand-out feature that meets the eye is undoubtedly the aluminium unibody design. It brings peace to your hands, the only inharmonious elements being the curvy lines of its back, bordering the plastic bits that make up the battery cover and camera lens. The HTC 7 design is certainly not a classic one, maybe too complicated for someone’s likening, but nonetheless it reflects the grandeur of the carried name.

The 3.7-inch S-LCD screen is bright and sharp, virtually assured by that 480×800 resolution display, but contrast isn’t a rival for the Super AMOLED displays of Samsung Windows Phone 7 devices. The HTC 7 Mozart’s display has a slight blue tint to it that’s obviously a slight shortcoming, bearing in mind the accuracy at this top-end level. Far better S-:LCD screens are available on the market even from HTC, i.e. The HTC Desire HD.

The WP 7 audio potential slowly starts to unfold thanks to Zune software. The music is integrated so efficiently that you’ll find a better alternative only on iOS. It's slick, simple to get to grips with and well integrated, with access to basic music functionality on the lock screen for example. Audio quality is good and the Dolby Mobile and SRS Surround offer a great range of output options. As for the video part, the phone supports MPEG-4 and WMV files, and the Zune software will convert other video formats to supported ones, which is handy, but will leave you waiting a while for your movies to sync, nevertheless, watching movies and videos on the HTC 7 Mozart is great.

The phone’s Camera parameters promise a high quality shooting. The HTC 7 Mozart is amongst few Windows 7 smartphones that offer 8MP camera, while Xenon flashes are very rare these days, having last appeared in the megapixel- giant Nokia N8. Paradoxically, there is an issue with camera’s autofocus. It just doesn’t focus properly when you get closer to an object. So overall, Camera is good but not great.

Call quality on the HTC 7 Mozart is on the whole decent. When listening on the phone, there are no problems with regards to either volume or clarity. Battery life on the HTC 7 Mozart is pretty standard, it lasts a full day and maybe a bit more
In conclusion, The HTC 7 Mozart is a quality phone, slightly better than its predecessor HTC Trophy due to 8MP camera, but still short of apps due to early days of Windows Phone 7.


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