Our take on Samsung Galaxy S7

Our take on Samsung Galaxy S7 - изображение

Just the end week of February 2016 brought one of the most awaited flagship designs from Samsung- the Galaxy S7, which according to many market expert and tech aficionadas is going to take the industry by storm. The speculations were made, quality questioned and some major rumours were put to rest after Samsung unveiled its master stroke which is said to be Samsung’s best new thing after its most sold phone S3. Let’s cut it straight to the point and take you from the beginning in case you don’t know what we are talking about here.

What it is Samsung Galaxy S7

The new flagship design from one of the leading smart phone manufacturer- Samsung.


The phone was officially announced by Samsung on February 21 while the expected release and delivery to customers is reported to take place in the second or third week of March.


No announcements on that yet. Sources say that this would be the most expensive Samsung device till now.

Let’s get down to business now, examining the different aspects of this to be a technological revolution.

Build quality & Design

The build of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 has seen some changes as compared to the previous device of S6. Even though the Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and a 5.1-inch screen with aluminium sides have been retained, the corners and black edges have been curved for good. This brings us back to the Galaxy Note 5 device which was the first one to have curved back and frame edges or corners. The silver variant we tested was shimmering and absolutely brilliant in looks. It is more luxurious in looks and of course, is more comfortable and easier to hold. The glass is IP68 so yes, drop it in water for sometimes and you are still safe to go ahead. The sturdy design we must say.


The phone has retained its 5.q inch Super AMOLED QHD display from Galaxy S6. Well, that isn’t a problem but it is usually not taken well if a brand has nothing new to offer even after one year. But in this case, we can’t complain because the screen too, is pretty impressive and the previous one couldn’t have been improved for the better as it offered everything we have ever required.

Super AMPLOED would mean that colour reproduction would be great and the difference between light and dark elements on the screen would be beyond incredible. So yes, the results of the screen display are more than satisfactory.

The QHD resolution being offered is 1440X2560 pixels. That’s cool because that’s exactly the resolution we need not distinctively to see the pixels. Pictures and web pages- crystal clear and sharp display while the OLED tech of self-emitting makes it much better. The display is quite near to the glass. The Samsung S7, when compared to the S6, is much brighter in a display which means that Samsung has worked well on modifying their tech without compromising on resolution. Damn it, Samsung just hit it off the park.


Then comes the bummer... they downgraded the camera from 16 MP to 12 MP.? That’s what you offer in an advanced model? Now that was a bad move by Samsung but nevertheless, the 12 MP rear camera is decent but here is the thing- the downgrade has proven to be better because the camera would be letting in more light this time. Get ready for professional tone pictures that would be amazingly lit, always.

Samsung Galaxy S7

The processor would have less of a load on itself and the file size wouldn’t be that large. SO you can take and process images at a much faster rate now. The new improvements in the autofocus are commendable and it’s Samsung’s dual pixel sensor tech all the way. It allows quick focusing and is way better than what Sony could muster up in its Xperia range. Shaky hand? S7 takes care of it as well.


Battery sadly has always been an issue with Samsung’s best phones as well. But power hungry people out there have news to rejoice- Samsung has put a tremendous amount of efforts to Boost the Battery to 3000 mAh from the previous 2550 in S6. Not really a significant increase, but an upgrade is an upgrade.

Samsung’s track record on power allocation and management isn’t really off the charts. Let us rephrase, it isn’t decent but the new Power saving tweaks in Android marshmallow and the increased backup might give us a long lasting device from Samsung after all.


Samsung announced that it would be manufacturing and releasing just the 32 GB model for S7. Now Samsung pushed to 64 and 128 in the past which is why we say, bad move Samsung.

It is, however, more than enough memory space to have everything you need to be stored. The microSD card slot has been added in the SIM tray and no one is more pleased than Samsung fans here. The csrd is not adoptable which is bad as Marshmallow version of OS opened up that great opportunity. Hopefully, the card will not slow down the performance of the device as it did in S5.

OS and Power

Two different chipsets are being used to power up the S7- the Qualcomm 820 CPU and Exynos- Samsung’s creation. The device will have a 4 GB RAM which is why we think it would be able to handle heavy tasks as well as 360-degree video making which has been introduced in this device.

The amount of power offered is incredible and let us tell you- Exynos is giving benchmark performance ratings on the test. SO S7 would be an unstoppable phone with brilliant display and no hindrances.

The new S7 is the device you need to watch out for. It’s sturdy, it’s high on performance and it is great in every aspect. The phone is releasing on March 11 and we hope, it is going to take the industry by storm. 


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