Smarten up: 5G is coming!

Smarten up: 5G is coming! - изображение

The technology is changing with every passing day, and the world is all set to enter the era of 5G. Yes, that’s true it is coming and will transform the life in a completely different way. The world is eagerly waiting to see driverless cars and downloading movies in a blink.

Currently, the smartphones and most of our Internet-connected devices are working on 4G but with the upsurge of 5G technology, our way of working will undergo a paradigm shift. It is expected that 5G will be 66 times faster than the 4G technology which means the devices running on the internet will be running at a never before speed. This will result in a superfast response, instantaneous gratification, and evolution of new devices.

Instantaneous gratification: With the increased speed of internet 5G will instigate faster video, songs and movie download which means instant happiness at instant need. 5G will increase the download speed from the current 4G’s 150 megabits per second to 10 gigabits per second.

• Super-fast response: Apart from ramming more bits per second, 5G is going to cut down the time between the first and second bit which means faster streaming and gone will be the days of watching that wheel buffer over a video.

• Evolution of new devices:

1. Driverless Car - This is the vertical towards which many of auto making companies are making an attempt, In Saudi Arabia we already have solar cars running entirely on solar energy, and it doesn’t have a driver but coming to the world of technology, Google is already testing driverless cars along with other companies that are putting a bet on this project. Apart from mobile phones, auto is another vertical is has touted to be a potential internet connected device. Definitely, 5G will catalyze this project.

2. Virtual Reality or Virtual Environment – this is something that has gained a lot of buzzes primarily because it makes you feel that your fantasy world has come to life and you are a part of it. Although these devices are working exceptionally well on 4G but 5G will surely make virtual synonymous with real. Augmented reality and virtual reality is expected to be the part of mainstream and 5G will work as a catalyzer to enhance this process. Augmented reality includes information like directions, prices of products and Virtual reality creates an illusion of artificial view and both need to pull in new data time and again.

With so much of buzz in the market about 5G and companies gearing up to flood the market with the internet operated devices, people need to have some patience because it is expected that 5G will hit the world by 2020 till then we can only speculate about the changes it will bring and how our lives will change once 5G comes in. For all the lovers of technology the clock is ticking to witness a new world altogether, your gaming experience, working protocol, a way of driving even you way of living is about to change.


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