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If we go a few years back, Motorola was not a very popular brand at an international level. It sure introduced some great designs, but there was not much regarding quality. However when Google bought it in 2014, it became a new sensation. Some great devices were launched by the company. Now Motorola is owned by Lenovo, but it is continuing to produce devices that are just as great. Moto E, G and X are the three series of smartphones from this brand. Recently the Turbo series has also been introduced, but that is the talk for another day. Here we will discuss the newly commissioned Moto X Play that is turning many heads. The word on the street is that it is a decent value for money phone. Let’s get in detail and know more about it.

Design: The phone has a very strong built, just like all the other models from Motorola. The design, however, is traditional which does not make it stand out from all the other phones from this brand. This is a problem with the Moto devices from the beginning. Whether it is Moto E or G or X, they all look the same from a distance. A unique design feature in this phone is the popup SIM and Micro SD a lot. A tiny tray comes out from the upper side of the phone that has space for two nano SIM cards and an SD card on either side. It looks cool but creates a problem for those who change the SD card quite frequently. For that, you will have to take out the whole tray, and you will lose the cellular coverage. Otherwise, it is a great concept. Due to the popup tray, there is no need to remove the back panel. But you can still do that to take a look at the massive battery.

Moto X Play comes with a very big disappointment that it is not water resistance. The feature is even available in the cheaper Moto G 3rd generation. But it does have a water repellent coating, which is something.

Display: The biggest feature of any phone these days is its screen. Moto X Play is well versed in this term. It has a big 5.5 inch with a great display. The brightness is more than enough to let you see anything easily even when the sun is shining brightly. Viewing angles are also decent. The display is not exceptionally good, but there is also nothing to complain about.

Performance: If you take advantage of a smartphone and not just use it for calling, you should check its performance first. As the name clearly suggests, Moto X Play is made for gaming. And any gaming device comes with the best hardware. This phone has Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 SoC microprocessor which has eight cores. The RAM is 2GB and is quite a lot. You can easily play high end games on the phone and not experience lag or any such issue. The everyday tasks will run smoothly as well. However if you keep using continuously for hours, it tends to heat up a little. It is noticeable but not enough to cause any problems.

Moto X Play has two variants with 16GB and 32GB hard drives. You must know that a significant portion of the hard drive is used by the system, and the rest is for users. In the 16GB variant even less than 10GB is left for users. This is not at all enough these days. In the 32GB one, however, you get about 25GB to use, which is good. If even that is not enough, you can buy a micro SD card. Moto X Play supports SD card of up to 128GB. You cannot ask for more.

Battery: One of the most standout features of the phone is its huge battery. It has a 3630 mAh battery, which even looks massive. However when it comes to practical use, it does not live up to its size. With continuous use, it only gets you through a day, like most of the other phones on the market today. It will last a little longer in routine, though. If you are careful, you can stretch it a little longer.

Camera: The smartphones these days have completely replaced digital cameras. No one likes to carry a big camera with them when the phone can do most of the work. But then the camera of the phone should be really good. Moto X Play is sufficiently firm on this front. It comes with a nice 21-megapixel camera which gives you a very clear image. With the help of features like autofocus and another effect, you can make things even better. The rest depends on your photography skills. It is obviously not as good as the other 21 MP cameras in expensive phones, but it is better than you can wish for in this price range.

Software: Like every other Moto device, the Play comes with the latest Android version. The company gives you frequent updates to keep the things interesting. It is quite similar to Moto G 3rd generation regarding software. Even the Moto Assist is the same in both the phones of the brand. If you do not already know, Assist is a virtual assistance app. It can do simple tasks like read you a message and respond to your voice. It can be very helpful if you use it right.

The conclusion

As it is quite clear from the detailed review gave above, Moto X Play is good but not outstanding. It has a decent batter, camera and even performance. But it is not exceptional in any of these departments. However, it will also not disappoint you in any way. In this price range, if it is not the best it is also not the worst. You can go for it and not expect any problems.


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