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Smarten up: 5G is coming!

2016-03-01 20:19:44

The technology is changing with every passing day, and the world is all set to enter the era of 5G. Yes, that’s true it is coming and will transform the life in a completely different way. The world is eagerly waiting to see driverless cars and downloading movies in a blink. Currently, the smartphones and most of our Internet-connected devices are working on 4G but with the upsurge of 5G technology, our way of working will undergo a paradigm shift. It is expected that 5G will be 66 times faster than the 4G technology which means the devices running on the internet will be running at a never before speed. This will result in a superfast response, instantaneous gratification, and evolution of new devices. • Instantaneous gratification: With the increased speed of internet 5G will instigate faster video, songs and movie download which means instant happiness at instant need. 5G will increase the download speed from the current 4G’s 150 megabits per second to 10 gigabits per second. • Super-fast response: Apart from ramming more bits per second, 5G is going to cut down the time between the first and second bit which means faster streaming and gone will be the days of watching that wheel buffer over a video. • Evolution of new devices: 1. Driverless Car - This is the vertical towards which many of auto making companies are making an attempt, In Saudi Arabia we already have solar cars running entirely on solar energy, and it doesn’t have a driver but coming to the world of technology, Google is already testing driverless cars along with other companies that are putting a bet on this project. Apart from mobile phones, auto is another vertical is has touted to be a potential internet connected device. Definitely, 5G will catalyze this project. 2. Virtual Reality or Virtual Environment – this is something that has gained a lot of buzzes primarily because it makes you feel that your fantasy world has come to life and you are a part of it. Although these devices are working exceptionally well on 4G but 5G will surely make virtual synonymous with real. Augmented reality and virtual reality is expected to be the part of mainstream and 5G will work as a catalyzer to enhance this process. Augmented reality includes information like directions, prices of products and Virtual reality creates an illusion of artificial view and both need to pull in new data time and again. With so much of buzz in the market about 5G and companies gearing up to flood the market with the internet operated devices, people need to have some patience because it is expected that 5G will hit the world by 2020 till then we can only speculate about the changes it will bring and how our lives will change once 5G comes in. For all the lovers of technology the clock is ticking to witness a new world altogether, your gaming experience, working protocol, a way of driving even you way of living is about to change.

Honor Holly 2 Plus Review

2016-02-11 10:02:22

Honor recently added two new smartphones to its roster, the Honor 5X  and theHolly 2 Plus, to counter aggressive moves by Lenovo and new entrants like Coolpad and LeEco. The Holly 2 Plus will replace the older Honor Holly , which launched in 2014 and will compete with offerings such as the Coopad Note 3  and Intex Cloud Flash , which are some of the better options in this price segment. Honor will open the retail gates from February 15, when the phone will go on sale at Rs. 8,499. Let's find out if the features and performance are aggressive enough to rival the competition. Look and feelThe Holly 2 Plus has gotten tiny bit fatter and heavier compared to its predecessor but other than that, it is pretty similar in terms of proportions. The rounded top and bottom of the older model have given way to a more traditional candy bar design. The plastic body has undergone a special treatment to give it a metallic look, which it pulls off well. The overall look is quite understated and yet, the phone feels well put together. The front bears a 5-inch HD IPS display which has decent colour reproduction and viewing angles. Fingerprints are a real nightmare though, due to the lack of an oleophobic coating. The display gets washed out a bit under direct sunlight. Also, there's no scratch protection for the glass, which is a shame. To compensate a bit, the company is offering a one-month screen replacement warranty. There's good amount of space at the top and bottom to comfortably grip the phone when using it in landscape mode. On the top, we have the notification LED, earpiece, and the 5-megapixel front camera. We like the placement and tactile feedback of the power and volume buttons on the right side. There are grilles on either side of the Micro-USB port at the bottom, but the actual speaker is a mono one, to the left of the port. The headphones socket is on the top of the phone. The back cover is textured which lends to the aesthetics and grip. Underneath, you'll find the non-removable 4000mAh battery, two Micro-SIM slots, and a microSD card slot. The rear camera has been bumped up to a 13-megapixel sensor from the previous model and we also have the mandatory LED flash. Our review unit came devoid of any retail packaging or accessories, but you can expect a charger and a manual inside the box. The phone does support Qualcomm's Quick Charge and will ship with a 5V/2A adapter. Specifications and softwareComing to the specifications, we have a quad-core MediaTek MT6735P SoC and 2GB of RAM. This SoC packs in the same ARM Cortex-A53 CPU cores and Mali-T720 GPU as the regular MT6735, just a bit slower. Rounding off the specs list, we have 16GB of storage which can be expanded by 128GB, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi b/g/n/, FM radio and GPS. The phone also supports reverse charging, which lets you charge other phones via an OTG cable. You need to toggle this option in the battery settings, and it works just fine Having said that, the phone doesn't support USB-OTG pen drives, which is a bit odd considering most Android smartphones do these days. The Honor Holly 2 Plus ships with Android 5.1 and the EMUI 3.1 custom skin running on top. The customisations affect much of the stock functionality of Android, which can take some getting used to. The default lockscreen is a magazine-style layout with wallpapers that change each time you unlock the screen. You can opt for a standard lockscreen from the settings app. Recent apps are shown as individual cards instead of being vertically stacked. The launcher is single-layered with a bunch of transition effects to choose from. The dropdown shade is split into notifications and settings shortcuts. The Settings app gets some new additions too including Protected apps, which lets you select which apps can run when the screen is off; Emergency Services for sending your coordinates to selected contacts in case of an emergency; Motion control actions which lets you flip the phone to mute an incoming call, and an option to change the navigation button layout. Honor also bundles some first-party and third-party apps, most of which can be uninstalled if you want. HiCare lists out the nearest service centre; Themes lets you change the look of the phone; Phone Manager lets you free up resources, clean junk files and manage data traffic; and AppGallery is another app store. You also get apps like UC Browser, Facebook, Instagram, Clean Master, and WPS Office pre-installed. Performance Despite the heavy skinning, general performance is smooth. On average, you have about 1.2GB of free RAM available, which shows good optimisation on Honor's part. The phone works well with 4G on Band 40 and barely heats up during regular usage. We did face an annoying issue while using the MTP mode for transferring files. Windows simply refused to detect the phone at first and only worked after we tried several times. The Honor Holly 2 Plus performed as expected in benchmarks. In AnTuTu, we got a score of 33,586, while 3DMark Ice Storm returned 5,634 points. These aren't great numbers compared to what some other low-cost phones can put out, but they're enough to mean you can comfortably play demanding games like Real Racing 3. Multitasking can get a bit sluggish, even if you don't have heavy apps running in the background. Coming to multimedia performance, the default music player app is well designed but lacks any form of equalizer settings. It can display lyrics provided the song has thtem embedded. The video player has the ability to run as a small floating window, and supports up to 1080p resolutions. The bottom speaker is quite loud for outdoor use but its clarity isn't great. Things are better with headphones but then that's almost always the case. The rear 13-megapixel camera manages some pretty good-looking landscapes in daylight, however, the picture appears very grainy once you zoom in. Also, we found the colours to be very muted and dull. Close-up shots fare a little better but not by much. It's the same story for indoor and low-light shots. The quality of recorded video is decent and there's software stabilisation too. However, the maximum resolution supported is only 720p, which is once again, a bit of a letdown. You do get tap-to-focus while recording. The camera app has all the basic functions you'd expect. There aren't many shooting modes other than standard ones like HDR, Panorama, Watermark (adds a date and location at the bottom) and Audio note. You do get burst mode and the ability to snap a picture by saying 'Cheese'. Beauty mode is present for both cameras and you can set the app to automatically snap a picture once it detects the preset number of faces. All of this works quite well. The front camera manages decent selfies under daylight conditions, but gets the picture gets noisy indoors. Battery lifeThe battery lasted us 11 hours and 43 minutes in our video loop test, which is quite good. During regular usage, we easily managed to go more than a day before having to charge. Fast charging is supported and even though we didn't have the bundled adapter to test this, we managed to get up to 40 percent charge in half an hour with a similar 5V/2A charger. You also get an Ultra Power Saving mode which shuts off all background process and leaves you with only basic functions like calling and SMS, if you're really low on battery. Verdict The Honor Holly 2 Plus ends up being a bigger compromise that we had expected. Its good build and decently long battery life aside, everything else feels a bit amiss. We don't expect the world at Rs. 8,499 but little things that we should take for granted like a scratch resistant layer for the display, USB OTG, or even full-HD video recording, are sadly lacking and are features which phones such as the Coolpad Note 3 and even the Intex Cloud Flash offer. The Holly 2 Plus fails to impress us as we currently have better offerings, both, in terms specifications and real-world performance, at the same price or lower.

Google Nexus S Review – welcome the android wonder

2013-07-20 12:19:55

The Google Nexus S smartphone arrival at the end of 2010 became the climax of the fast developing smarthphone industry. Already labeled as the best Android phone ever, it reflects perfectly the Samsung’s tenacity and Google’s latest and highly awaited Operating System, Android 2.3 codenamed Gingerbread. While this is definitely its standout feature, an in depth review of the phone emphasizes why Google Nexus S lives to its expectations and finds itself comfortably amongst the best smartphones on the market.   Straightaway, phone’s build brings a range of U.S Samsung Galaxy S similarities, particularly in the back front, the only exception being the LED flash on the camera. There is also the familiar Samsung’s Omnia “piano black” look. The Nexus S device is so thin (10.8mm at its thickest point) it makes you wonder how they managed to incorporate the necessary ports. 5mm audio and a micro USB charging slot can be found on the bottom, while the lock button sits on the right hand side, and the volume rocker opposite it on the left. Another interesting detail is the unusual placement of the buttons. Thus, the back key is on the left and the home icon on the far right. They are smoother than those on the Nexus One and black out with the screen. The front face is almost in its integrity black and curved like the US version of Galaxy S. It certainly adds a classic, solid vibe to the handset. The Google Nexus S offers a 4-inch, WVGA Super AMOLED screen, just like the Galaxy S and Samsung Omnia 7. Moreover the screen on the Google Nexus S is slightly curved, aimed to match the contours of your face. When it comes to Operating System, Google Nexus S proudly runs on latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread. You won’t need to worry about future updates in the nearest future. Though the difference between Android 2.2 Froyo and Android 2.3 Gingerbread is pretty slim, there are still a few changes, especially: revamped UI, a more fleshed out task manager, integrated internet SIP calling in Contacts, and NFC support for wireless purchasing and data transfer.   The Google’s Nexus S keyboard is a huge improvement on its Nexus One predecessor. The screen keyboard has an excellent autocorrect option and allows you to type considerably faster.The only big let down of the Google’s smartphone is the Camera. The five mega pixel camera takes unspectacular, washy images without any of the clarity. There is no HD video as well. Quite a few questions emerge regarding phone’s Camera, considering the always highly rated Samsung’s shoots and HD videos. The phone’s performance is as smooth as you can get. 1GHz CPU plus Android 2.3 equals rocket pace. The RAM is 512 MB, while there’s 16GB of space to load with songs, videos and photos, but no microSD slot. There’s also 1GB of space for apps, up from a paltry 200MB on the Google Nexus One. There are the usual suspects such as: WiFi and GPS. The battery has 1,500mAh. On a non-stop usage it will drain only after 12 hours. That’s a decent performance. In conclusion we can confidently state that Google Nexus S is miles ahead of its predecessor Goole Nexus One in every single aspect, moreover Nexus S is arguably the best Android smartphone on the market. Google Nexus S has a $529 price tag for an unlocked version and $199 price tag with a 2 year T-Mobile voice and dataplan contract.

HTC 7 Mozart review

2013-07-20 12:19:10

The HTC 7 Mozart is amongst the first smartphones to embrace the highly promising Windows Phone 7 operating system, and while its predecessors HTC HD 7and HTC Trophy represent the flagship and economic model, HTC 7 Mozart aims to provide highly enjoyable photographic and musical experience. Hence, it is named after the notorious musician. Focusing on multimedia, particularly music and photography is never an easy task. Our full HTC 7 Mozart review will show where HTC got it right and where is room for future improvement. First of all, we have the already compulsory minimum specs for Windows Phone 7 devices, 1 GHz processor, at least 8 GB of internal memory and a standard 5MP camera. However, HTC 7 Mozart offers additional audio processing, in the form of SRS Enhancement and Dolby Mobile, and an 8MP camera with Xenon Flash. The first stand-out feature that meets the eye is undoubtedly the aluminium unibody design. It brings peace to your hands, the only inharmonious elements being the curvy lines of its back, bordering the plastic bits that make up the battery cover and camera lens. The HTC 7 design is certainly not a classic one, maybe too complicated for someone’s likening, but nonetheless it reflects the grandeur of the carried name. The 3.7-inch S-LCD screen is bright and sharp, virtually assured by that 480×800 resolution display, but contrast isn’t a rival for the Super AMOLED displays of Samsung Windows Phone 7 devices. The HTC 7 Mozart’s display has a slight blue tint to it that’s obviously a slight shortcoming, bearing in mind the accuracy at this top-end level. Far better S-:LCD screens are available on the market even from HTC, i.e. The HTC Desire HD. The WP 7 audio potential slowly starts to unfold thanks to Zune software. The music is integrated so efficiently that you’ll find a better alternative only on iOS. It's slick, simple to get to grips with and well integrated, with access to basic music functionality on the lock screen for example. Audio quality is good and the Dolby Mobile and SRS Surround offer a great range of output options. As for the video part, the phone supports MPEG-4 and WMV files, and the Zune software will convert other video formats to supported ones, which is handy, but will leave you waiting a while for your movies to sync, nevertheless, watching movies and videos on the HTC 7 Mozart is great. The phone’s Camera parameters promise a high quality shooting. The HTC 7 Mozart is amongst few Windows 7 smartphones that offer 8MP camera, while Xenon flashes are very rare these days, having last appeared in the megapixel- giant Nokia N8. Paradoxically, there is an issue with camera’s autofocus. It just doesn’t focus properly when you get closer to an object. So overall, Camera is good but not great. Call quality on the HTC 7 Mozart is on the whole decent. When listening on the phone, there are no problems with regards to either volume or clarity. Battery life on the HTC 7 Mozart is pretty standard, it lasts a full day and maybe a bit moreIn conclusion, The HTC 7 Mozart is a quality phone, slightly better than its predecessor HTC Trophy due to 8MP camera, but still short of apps due to early days of Windows Phone 7.

Nokia N87 Vasco Review

2013-07-20 05:08:11

Very little time is left till the long awaited arrival of Nokia N87 Vasco. According to numerous rumors that have been around for quite a long time, the device should be very powerful in terms of technical data, and its design is not inferior to any model. It is positioned as a touchscreen.   Although, at the beginning, the producers intended to make it a double slider phone, they still remained loyal to the classic candy bar. On the other side, the speculations about a powerful 12 MP camera were confirmed, so the fans will be able to discover its sheer brilliance and clarity.  Starting the in depth review of the phone, firstly, we should concentrate on its design. A lot of consumers pay attention to mobile phones’ style as it represents their image, so Nokia N87 Vasco didn’t disappoint us in this aspect. Having a candy bar form factor, its case is made of high quality materials and being small, the device is really easy to use.  It’s worth mentioning that this particular mobile phone has a pretty good ARM Cortex-A8 processor and Symbian OS 9.4 Series 60 5th Edition platform. The frequency of ARM Cortex-A8 processor is 600 MHz. RAM size of the phone is 256 MB, built in memory is 512 MB, and it can be expanded using a memory card up to 14.9 GB. These figures are certainly impressive, but mostly, they guarantee a smooth, fast running of the phone.   Regarding phone’s display, it’s a 3.7 inches AMOLED touch screen. Initially, phone’s diagonal should have been 3.2 inches, so it’s a real pleasure seeing it a bit bigger. In addition the display has the ability to support 16777216. An amazing number really, which will certainly provide beautiful, lively and colorful images. An important feature for everyone is definitely the data transferring to PC and/or other mobile phone or Internet. Thus the device supports: GPRS, CSD, EDGE, UMTS, HSCSD, HSUPA and HSDPA. Nokia N87 Vasco has Bluetooth, USB and Wireless Lan.  However, the main feature is arguably the 12MP camera. It has everything including auto focus. The image quality is wonderful, having such a beauty in your phone, you can easily forget about regular camera. If we talk about utility functions, N87 Vasco touch phone model has a GPS module, Macro Mode, as well as built-in Flash, and an accelerometer. Thus, the mobile phones of this model certainly will not be marked by a low price, but the quality of work and the components of the device are able to intrigue any user.

Nokia N9 Review

2013-07-20 05:05:30

Multimedia flagship Nokia N9, slated for the coming 2011, is able to raise the N8 to a whole new level of perception. It will be the first smartphone to run on the MeeGO platform. At first glance, the phone’s design is a bit unusual. The producers have definitely put a lot of creativity in order to impress the consumers.   It comes in a black side slider form factor complemented with a built-in antenna. The display is super AMOLED. This capacitive touch screen has a resolution of 480x800 pixels and can display 16777215 colors. It also has special coating that protects it from scratches. Continuing our review, it’s worth noting that Nokia N9 has a pretty good lithium-ion type battery. The phone runs on Symbian ^ 3 OS, and 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor. The phone’s management is possible with standard hard keys, Qwerty Keyboard and the multi touch function. Nokia N9 frequency range - GSM 850 / 1800 / 1900, 3G support, as well as WCDMA. The internet connection is made with WAP 2.0, HTML, xHTML. The user has the option to use E-mail client. In addition there is a browser. Internet transfers are work through GPRS, EDGE and HSPA with HSDPA version. PC and phones transfers are carried through USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi availability certainly pleases the consumers and ranks the device among the best on the market. It also has a built-in modem.   The stand-out feature of Nokia N9 is definitely the 12MP camera. A maximum resolution of 4000x3000 is possible, thus pictures with outstanding quality. There is also a Xenon flash, Carl Zeiss optics and 1/1.83 sensor. There are also available such features as geotagging, auto focus, face detection and smile definition. The video recording is at 25 frames per second. There is also a secondary camera of 0.3MP. It’s worth noting that the user is given a rather huge range of multimedia applications for entertainment needs. The music player supports formats such as: MP3 and WAV, including WMA, eAAC. The Video player-MP4 / DivX / XviD / H.264 / WMV formats. There is also FM-Radio with stereo sound and RDS feature, TV output, as well as an accelerometer and digital compass. Users have the option to edit Photos and Video with special editor. There is no doubt that Nokia N9 has Java MDP 2.1 and traditional organizer.  Thus, the phone’s release is awaited with big expectations.  

Nokia 5250 Review

2013-07-20 05:01:22

The new Nokia 5250 is likely to become a full member of sensory devices belonging to the middle segment. Apparently, the 5250 phone models have replaced the popular Nokia 5230 of the last year. Thus, the mobile phone is quite compact and convenient in operation. Its dimensions are 105x50x14 mm. and weight 106 grams. Being a touchscreen, Nokia 5250 can be controlled with the traditional stylus or just with your fingers which is a popular tendency nowadays. When being in a hurry, it saves a lot of time. There is a designated key for camera activation and separated buttons for volume adjustment.   It’s worth mentioning about the phone’s large TFT touchscreen display. Its resolution is 640x360 pixels. Besides that the phone can display 16 million colors and which certainly can give a clear picture and very good quality. The phone’s operating system is Symbian OS 9.4 S60 5th Edition. On its basis no lags or delays are expected.  The phone is powered by a lithium-ion BL-4U battery with 1000 mAh capacity. It lasts 462 minutes in conversation mode and 450 hours in standby. Music lovers have the possibility to listen to the music for up to 24 hours, while video runs for four and a half hours. As the multimedia features, the phone has a 2 MP camera, with maximum image resolution- 2592x1544 pixels and 4x digital zoom. There is portrait mode available in photo editor and “Share Ovi” service for keeping pictures.   Since the phone’s internal memory is only 51 Mb, of course you have to expand it, and that’s easily done by using a microSD memory card. It increases the size up to 16 GB. The video is recorded in H.264 and VGA formats at 30 frames per second. The video length depends on the availability of memory. You can set the white balance and color tones. For internet navigation, Nokia 5250 has WAP, HTML, xHTML, Browser and E-mail-client. For online transfers there is GPRS and EDGE. For transfers to your PC or other phones there is of course Bluetooth and USB. The phone has a built-in modem as well. Thus, the Nokia 5250 mobile phone is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a new device. It does not only have good technical equipment, its assembly is of a high quality - there is no backlash, no squeaks.  

LG E720 Optimus Chic- Review

2013-07-20 04:37:42

Not so long ago, it become known that LG manufacturer has released the new touch screen phone- LG E720 Optimus Chic. This stylish and "strong" in terms of technical characteristics gadget, is able to attract both males and females attention.   When reviewing the E720 Optimus Chic model, it should be mentioned that it is made in the familiar candy-bar form factor. Its high quality case has a size of 112.5x57, 9x12, 9 mm. The total weight of the phone is 132 grams, which is quite acceptable for this kind of phone. It is worth noting that the design of the device is very attractive, well-thought-out by the developers. There are no sharp corners, no unnecessary details - just the simplicity of smooth lines and curves. As the color scheme was chosen black and white, it is possible to buy the phone in these colors. There is a built-in antenna. Now let’s move on to E720 Optimus Chic TFT display. It has pretty impressive dimensions. The diagonal has 3.2 inches, and the resolution has 320x480 pixels. It supports 262000 colors. It is worth noting that LG E720 Optimus Chic has a built-in accelerometer and proximity sensor, which is required for auto turn-off. It will be interesting to know that buttons below the screen, designed to control your phone, are also sensory. In addition, the touch keyboard is QWERTY, so fans will be pleased with SMS communication.   Working with this phone model should be easy and smooth, as the operating system is Android 2.2 with a Qualcomm MSM 7227 processor. It is known that an important factor for any mobile phone is the availability of high-quality battery that should provide the device with adequate power. LG E720 Optimus Chic model has a lithium-ion battery. Its capacity is 1250 mAh. It lasts 5 hours in active conversation mode and up to 480 hours in standby.  E720 Optimus Chic phone has a built-in 5 MP camera. It has geotagging and auto focus. It records video at 30 frames per sec. Its internal memory is only 150 MB, so for saving a lot of multimedia files you’ll need additional memory card. You can boost phone’s memory up to 2GB. The presented device supports GPRS, HSPA and EDGE. There is a browser and E-mail-client available. Transferring data to a PC is possible by using USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, There is a built-in modem as well. Additional features that will be accessible to users are: Google Search, Google Maps and Google Talk, including popular social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, YouTube and digital compass.

Hewlett-Packard iPAQ Data Messenger - Review

2013-07-20 04:35:07

It is well known that Hewlett-Packard iPAQ Data Messenger is the “child” of the Hewlett Packard manufacturer. This touchphone combines high quality specifications and unusual design. It has full touch control and side slider form factor. The phone size is 57 x114 x17.4 mm and its weight - 160 grams. When the particular phone device is open, a full QWERTY-keyboard is available for those who prefer SMS communications. This phone has a Windows Mobile 6.1 professional operating system, so you won’t experience any lags or annoying delays.   When it comes to the screen, it’s a TFT touchscreen with 2.8 inches diagonal and 240x320 pixels resolution. Hewlett-Packard iPAQ Data Messenger display supports 65536 colors.   The phone offers a variety of ways to control it. You can use a traditional stylus or just your fingers, it depends on your preferences, but both ways are comfortable, though with just fingers you’d work a bit faster.   It is worth mentioning phone’s powerful lithium-ion battery. It has 1140 mAh capacity which ensures uninterrupted operations. Hewlett-Packard iPAQ Data Messenger supports GPRS and GSM, also EDGE, 3G, and HSDPA. There is Bluetooth with EDR and Micro-USB port. Maximum data transfer rate is 7.2 Mb/s. It’s important to mention the built-in GPS module which supports aGPS. It comes with Turn-by-Turn navigation and Google Maps software. The downside in this case is that it works only for 30 days.   Hewlett-Packard iPAQ Data Messenger is equipped with a range of useful software such as: HP SIM Manager, HP Data Connect, HP Help and Support, HP Power Save Mode, Internet Explorer Mobile, Opera browser, HP Keyboard Backlight, HP Asset Viewer, Windows Media Player Mobile, HP Light Sensor, Microsoft Office Mobile, Westtek Jetcet PDF Viewer, Microsoft Office Outlook Mobile, Sun JVM, Westtek Jetcet Print, Microsoft Internet Sharing and Windows Live. It should be noted that phone’s memory capacity is 256 MB with 128MB of operating memory only. Of course there is a micro SD card slot, so it can be increased up to 8 GB.   Hewlett-Packard iPAQ Data Messenger has a fairly decent 3.1 MP camera with auto focus and 5x zoom. The pictures should be at least clear and vivid.    Thus, Hewlett-Packard iPAQ Data Messenger model could attract females with its elegant and original design, as well as males with the variety of features and specifications, likely to have a proper influence.

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