OnePlus 5T long-term review: The best sub-£500 phone

It might have only been released a few months after the OnePlus 5, but the 5T managed to stand up on its own and demonstrate why it was worth the quick turnaround. The biggest change for the 5T is the 18:9 display, which elevates the device to enable it to sit alongside more expensive flagships such as the Pixel 2 XL and Note 8.

Since its launch, the 5T has stood the test of time well; although the update to Oreo was halted following reports that it resulted in issues with older devices. From what I’ve seen, Oreo works well on the 5T. Alongside basic Android 8.0 features – such as floating windows for video and notification dots – the UI has had a spruce up, with the Face Unlock function brought to older devices.

Battery life remains decent – although I’d expect nothing less after a few months of use – and there have been plenty of bug fixes from OnePlus to iron out previously annoying issues.

The OnePlus 5T remains one of the best phones on the market, and for the £449 starting price I don’t think there’s a better option out there. Of course, you could hold out for the OnePlus 6, but it’s unlikely we’ll see this before summer at the earliest. Other decent options include the Honor V10 and Nokia 8, but even among these, it’s the 5T that stands out for me.

Keep reading for a look at the now sold-out Sandstone White version (let’s hope that comes back soon) and the full OnePlus 5T review.

What is the OnePlus 5T?

The OnePlus 5T is one of the best deals in tech, offering fantastic features for a great price. But it does come only a few months after the OnePlus 5 was released.
This quick release cycle shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone familiar with OnePlus, but it’s still a bit of a kick in the teeth to anyone who recently picked up a OnePlus 5. I think I’d be OK with the move if it was simply a phone to go alongside the 5, but the 5T completely replaces its now out-of-stock predecessor.
Timing aside, the OnePlus 5T is a predictably great phone. That’s because it takes everything that made the OnePlus 5 one of my favourites of 2017 and adds in an 18:9 display, reduced bezel and slightly improved secondary camera.

OnePlus 5T Sandstone White edition: Hands-on

The OnePlus 5T is one of the best phones you can buy right now, made even better by the seriously competitive price. Initially it was only available in a fairly standard black hue, but that’s not the case anymore.

OnePlus has just announced a ‘Sandstone White’ version of the 5T, and it’s very nice. Not only is the white back a lovely contrast to the still black front, but the ‘Sandstone’ texture adds a hit more grip to a phone that could be quite slippery to hold.