Samsung wins against Apple in patent dispute

Samsung wins against Apple in patent dispute - изображение

Samsung and Apple have been locking horns since the smartphone race began. The ball seems to be in Samsung’s court this time after it had been subjected to a heavy legal blow last year for patent infringement. Previously, a ruling went in Apple’s favour which resulted in Samsung to shell out $120 million for its alleged patent infringement. After appealing the decision in the US Court of Appeals, Samsung finally got the ray of hope it was looking for and managed to get the hearing overturned, saving itself from $120 million crackdowns. Apple’s allegations were called invalid as Samsung officials heaved a sigh of relief.

According to the appeal made by Apple, Samsung had infringed upon two of its main patents- the auto correct as well as Slide to Unlock feature. The company was also accused of having infringed the quick links patent of Apple. The initial ruling witnessed Samsung being found guilty. However, US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington D.C. said that Samsung didn’t stand guilty of patent infringement on any of the charges. Apple had a tough time defending itself from baseless charges as Samsung could provide hard facts and proof to back itself, proving it was Apple who was infringing upon one of the Samsung’s patents the whole time. 


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