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Mobile Strategy Game "King of Rebirth" now available globally. 

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Following a successful soft launch, the popular undead world domination strategy game for mobile devices is now available on Google Play worldwide. Smartphone and tablet owners from across the globe can now join in on the fun.

In King of Rebirth (which is published by R2Games), you assume the role of a newly risen Lord of the Undead as players vie for territory control by raising skeleton, ghoul, and other unholy armies as well as fortifying cities. Troops are sent into the persistent online global map, where players can take on quests, attack each other's cities, lay siege, set up defences, and more. Guilds and alliances form and crumble as the ever-changing balance of power fluctuates.

Though akin to games such as Clash of Clans, King of Rebirth forgoes the cartoony look in favor of a more dark and serious tone, featuring gorgeous character art and an expansive, detailed campaign map.


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