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Indian school students are learning faster with smartphone-based learning content. 

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In a country with more than 1.4 million schools with more than 260 million students enrolled, it is understandable that a company that can tap into India’s “K-12” sector (reaching from Kindergarten to the 12th grade) is going to be pretty sizable. BYJU has managed just that as an “ed-tech” company and is the creator of the largest K-12 app in India. They have just announced the findings of a study into the Impact of smartphone-based learning content, having gathered feedback from parents on their child’s performance.

- 97% of students said that they finished the lessons much faster when they learn via technology

- 82% parents said that they did not have to ask their children to use the app. Children took the initiative to learn and take tests/quizzes on their own on the app

- 92% students said that learning via technology offered them a different way of viewing complex topics

- 93% parents reported an overall increase in their child's grades after using the app

- 76 million lessons have been completed so far

- 46% of students on the app are from lower and middle-level grades

The increased adoption of smartphones across the country has brought in a lot of changes in the education sector in the recent years. Smartphones are now increasingly being used as 'learning devices' by students across different grades and geographies. Technology is moulding the way children of different age groups learn. It has charted out a whole new way of learning for the younger generations.

Pravin Prakash, Co-founder, BYJU's said, "Our study reveals how technology can make a big impact in making learning more engaging for students. Use of technology in education introduces a whole new dimension to the way children learn and are taught. We have seen some great growth stories of students who have been using our app. The fact that parents are telling us how the sense of self-study is getting imbibed in their child because of learning via technology is a great testament to the quality of our products. Today, a lot of students across grades increasingly understand the benefit of learning the basics of every concept as opposed to just memorizing before the exam."

BYJU's is a content-first tech-enabled education company that builds every product on a solid content foundation, which is backed by rich research and pedagogy. The strong 500+ in-house R&D Team uses technology at every step to make learning accessible and engaging. It also empowers teachers to use tools like in-air projections and concept visualizations to make the learning interactive, and the adaptive learning platform personalizes the learning experience for every student and enables them to advance to the next level.

Pravin further added, "In India, the real impact of technology in education is yet to be realized. It is very encouraging to see students from across the nation using our app - especially from tier II and III cities. This is a great inspiration for us to create products that can address the need for personalized learning in remote locations of the country. Our passionate teams are continuously working towards creating learning products that reach more students and help them learn better."


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