How to make your phones battery last longer

In the last decade, phones have evolved quite a lot. The level of sophistication that was rarely available in computer hardware earlier is now very common in the latest mobile phones. They are much faster, smarter and more functional. Also, they have successfully replaced cameras and alarm clocks as well. But there is one feature of phones in which not much has evolved. This is the battery. The batteries of even the best phones do not last for more than a day. If you forget to charge it one night, you are going to have a big problem the next day. And there is no solution to this problem in sight right now. So, the only thing you can do is learn to utilize the power wisely and make the battery last longer. Here are some tips that will help you out with this.

1. Turn the phone off.

Most of the people have a habit to keep the phone on at all times. Even when they are asleep, the phone stays on. It takes too much power from your battery. So, switch off the phone at night or when there is no reception. If you do not use your phone for the next couple of hours or so then keep it off. This will save a lot of power. But do this only if the gap is for a few hours. Turning the phone on and off also takes a significant amount of power. Thus, you should do this only when you think it will be beneficial.

2. Stop the internet.

Having the internet on the phone has become a necessity these days. You can check your emails and get directions through it. But staying connected takes a lot of power. So, you should turn to the mobile data when the internet is not in use. Turn it on once an hour or so to check the updates. Also, you should use the Wi-Fi if available. It will save your data as well as the battery.

3. Do not wait for full discharge.

It is a very popular misconception that the battery should full charged and then full discharged to keep it last longer. This was true for nickel-based batteries. It is not a good idea for the new lithium ion batteries. These perform best if you charge them before it is fully out. Thus, you should plug in your phone as soon as you reach near 25% if possible. Those you are traveling most of the time can use a portable power bank to charge the phone repeatedly.

4. Keep the brightness low.

The screen is the biggest part of the phones these days, and it takes a lot of power. If you keep the brightness high, it will consume more power. Thus, you should try to keep the brightness as low as possible. Keeping it on auto is also a good idea so it will adjust as per ambient light. Besides that, you should keep the phone locked when not in use, so the screen turns off.