LG V30 teaser

While LG doesn’t want to continue its G series, it seems to offer some improvements to the very popular LG V30 released last year. They are set to announce a revised version of that unit at the Mobile World Congress. The new phone will be called LG V30S, and it’s considered to bring in front some small, yet pretty impressive improvements that may make you buy one.

More storage

First, the thing to note here is that they are including 256 GB of storage. More storage is always important in today’s day and age. For a smartphone that’s quite expensive and powerful, adding a lot of storage is always going to pay off, and it’s certainly the type of feature that you will enjoy having in this tool, that’s for sure.

AI-based camera

Aside from that, the LG V30S is said to have an LG Lens. This is basically an AI and augmented reality play designed to focus on improving the camera quality. Adding in AI into the mix to boost camera quality is very interesting. Maybe the most interesting thing is that they didn’t want to add this to a new phone, instead they revise the LG V30. It’s a good decision and one that may work well for them.

Can the phone matter this year?

You have to realize that people will want a newer phone instead of a revised version of the old one. There’s the Galaxy S9, new Huawei models and plenty of other new phones from the competition. In many ways, the LG V30S is set to struggle a little bit. That’s not a bad thing, as competition is very healthy all the time. But the simple fact that they added 256 GB is a very good idea. A lot of people want a lot of speedy storage. Apparently, the storage speed is better too, so that’s also a really good idea for such an upgrade.

The camera is very good already, so including AI into the mix will only make things better and a lot more interesting. Last year the Google Pixel 2 had a better camera and AR features, so that made the LG V30 less of a buy and more of an expensive piece. Most likely that’s the reason why LG V30S is launched in the first place, to offer some competition to the Google Pixel 2 and generate more sales for the company.

Which is fine, because the LG V30 was a very good device and it does bring in front lots of great, unique features for you to explore. It certainly pays off immensely to access all these amazing features, and the value on its own is unique and interesting. How will it fare against the other devices on the market? That’s hard to say, but the LG V30S is still a nice update and one that will surely make people give it a shot at the very least!