Apple SmartWatch Series 3

Smartwatches have evolved in the last few years. From a simple accessory to a fully fledged computer on your wrist, the latest smartwatches to buy in 2018 can really offer you some amazing benefits, and the return on investment you can get now is huge if you purchase such a unit.

What smartwatch operating system is the best?

There are multiple operating systems depending on the platform you choose. Each one comes with its pros and cons you can imagine. watchOS is created for Apple, and it includes new features like health tracking and fitness app support. You can also call an iPhone and listen to songs online with it.

Android Wear is more stable; it has Google Voice control, Android Pay, you can do 4G calls and so on. Tizen OS is less popular, but it does have an intuitive interface and Samsung Pay as well as 4G support. Fitbit is also not that popular, and it’s limited to the devices created by this company. But it does allow you to connect calls, make payments and texts; it even has music storage.

Which are the latest smartwatches to buy in 2018?

When it comes to finding the best latest smartwatches to buy in 2018, it’s safe to say that this is not an easy task. Most manufacturers have managed to create stable, one of a kind smartwatches at this point. And they do work and look very well. So, it all comes down to the operating system you want, the interface you like and some other features that add up to create the entire system as a whole.

Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 is maybe the top of the line unit when it comes to the latest smartwatches to buy in 2018. The reason is simple. It’s one of the top fitness gadgets out there, and the focus on health apps does help it a lot. It has a dedicated heart rate monitor, and it even received support for tracking gym equipment performance. But it’s still a smartwatch. This means you have features like not needing an iPhone to make calls. You can also send texts and emails and so on. The problem with most of the smartwatches and the Apple Watch Series 3 as well is battery life. At less than a day, the battery life just isn’t as good as you want it to be. Which is unfortunate, because there are lots of great pieces out there.

apple smartwatch series 3 official

Polar M600

Why is the Polar M600 on our list with the latest smartwatches to buy in 2018? Because unlike other tools like this, it does come with some nifty benefits and innovations. First, you have water resistance. If you like going to the beach and just taking a short bath, you don’t have to take the Polar M600 off your wrist. On top of that, you will also notice that the Polar M600 has GPS support so that you can track your location in no time. Then you also have a heart monitor, distance tracking as well as a variety of good apps. When it comes to functionality, Polar M600 does deliver big time, and you will be quite impressed with its features.

Polar M600 smartwatches

Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20

The Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20 also integrates a huge variety of features for athletes. It has just about all that the Polar model has, but it also integrates a magnetometer and barometer. Water resistance works up to 50m so that you can take a dive without issues. Map data can be downloaded for offline use if you want, and you also get a compass and an indicator of the tide levels at this time. You get all of that and Android Wear 2 support, which makes it easy to connect all these features to your phone. Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20 is not for the day to day user; it’s mostly targeted for the advanced user that knows what he needs from such a unit.

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Samsung Gear Sport

Samsung Gear Sport is one of those devices that integrate all you need to have an enjoyable experience. You have to waterproof, a great interface as well as the ability to twist the watch face to get different apps and switch through them. While the Gear App can be a bit hard to navigate, the results you receive here are very good, and you will be quite impressed with what resilient the unit is. And yes, the price is well worth it as you can purchase it for around $250 or less.

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Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit usually creates fitness trackers. But the Fitbit Ionic is a great smartwatch. It can integrate payments, not to mention you can send messages, call and so on. Of course, you do get music storage, a heart monitor, running timer and an exercising coach. All of these features add up to offer you a very refined and distinct experience.

fitbit ionic smartwatch

Huawei Watch

While other models on our list with the latest smartwatches to buy in 2018 are focused on performance and features, the Huawei Watch is all about visuals. It has a stainless steel body as well as sapphire crystals added in here. The AMOLED screen is simply stunning, and even the hardware is pretty good too. As you can imagine, the battery could be a bit better as it has only 300 mAh, but it does bring in front plenty of benefits for you to appreciate and enjoy.

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If you want to get some of the latest smartwatches to buy in 2018, this list does have all you need. A good idea is to create your list with the features you want and then see what model delivers the results you want. Also, try to stick within your own budget. Nowadays you can find smartwatches for just about any price range, so it won’t be an issue to figure out what smartwatch you need to buy at this time. So, check out these great smartwatches and you will be quite impressed with the value offered by these great watches!