internet of things solutions

Customer’s don’t buy the internet of things, they buy internet of things solutions that can help them solve a specific problem. The best thing about the internet of things is that it offers a huge range of options. As a result, customers get to solve their problem and not have to worry about anything else. It’s a solution that makes a lot of sense for them, and it does work quite nicely too. Of course, adapting everything and taking your time with the internet of things does take quite a bit of time. It’s not ideal to figure out things on your own.

The internet of things solutions gets to solve all of that for you. And yes, the solutions aren’t just a simple thing you plug and play. Instead, you have a combination of software, connectivity, and sensors that work very hard to achieve the desired commands. It’s a system that does work very well, and the best part is that you get a comprehensive experience each time.

What is the internet of things solutions?

You can define the internet of things solutions as a program or complex situation where you get to have smart devices that offer features without you having to control all these things in any way. The best part of the internet of things solutions is that you won’t have to worry about anything once you access the internet of things solutions. The results are a lot better because you get to have everything under your control and you can also automate all the tasks you want without any major restriction too, which is very important.

Internet of Things devices

The best part of the internet of things solutions is that they can be as simple or as complex as you want. There are no restrictions when it comes to what can be automated, and that is always a good thing. The internet of things solutions is a field that’s full of startups. And that’s not a bad thing at all. But it does mean that the innovation is not as comprehensive and powerful as it could be in other fields. That doesn’t make it bad in any way. Instead, what you do want to note is that the vendors need powerful partners that can help create all the components. It’s a very important thing to take into consideration.

How do the internet of things solutions work?

First, you have to find a problem to solve, and that problem has to be quantifiable. It’s imperative to bring in the right use case for the customer, otherwise, the results will not be as good in the end. The system needs to be accurate, comprehensive and it needs to communicate with a central unit to work. Ideally, it’s important for the internet of things solutions to be customizable for the customer too. This delivers a lot more value, and it also brings in front more sense for the client, as he can purchase everything knowing how much value he can get and what it can be delivered to him in the long term.

Moreover, the internet of things solutions needs to define an edge processing strategy. The companies usually plan to add sensors in devices, acquire the data from the sensor and then send it to the cloud for processing. However, processing all that data is very challenging to do, and it can require a lot of time and effort to get all of it done properly. That’s why it’s imperative to have the right edge processing strategy, as this helps better analyze data and bring in the better value.internet of things solutions

The internet of things solutions also have to look for solutions that can do analytics and correlations. IoT does require a lot of intelligence in order to bring in value. Companies need to select equipment that delivers plenty of edge processing in mind. A good internet of things solution will always offer machine learning that identified patterns and which lets the user know exactly what happens and how he can get the job done with great success and a lot of quality. It’s a great advantage and one that can pay off immensely. Thankfully, modern internet of things solutions makes the data simpler and easier to consume, which is a very good thing.

Of course, all the internet of things solutions still rely on hardware. And the hardware adherence is still a crucial aspect of the entire industry. That’s why it can be very important to understand how to tackle all these things and make the most out of them. Optimizing battery life is important for all solutions, as it can be a whole lot better to deliver greater quality and value when the battery life is at its best. Otherwise, the system needs to go back to the drawing board, as everything does need to last for quite some time to deliver great experiences.

Using the right means to deliver better security for the internet of things solutions is a very important thing too. It can definitely help a lot in the long term, as long as everything is adapted and tackled in a meaningful way. The idea here is that IoT is bound to deal with some security issues at times, so knowing how and when to tackle those problems is a crucial aspect at this time. It’s imperative to adopt these things and find the right system to handle these solutions.

Internet of things solutions and M2M solutions

There are a few notable differences between the two concepts. M2M is machine to machine, and machines are using different resources to communicate with the remote application infrastructure. The remote infrastructure is what helps monitor and control the environment or the machine itself as it were.

Basically, M2M offers point to point communication, and that’s integrated into the hardware on the customer site. The devices use cellular or wired connections and they don’t always rely on the internet. There are also limited integration options, as the devices need to have corresponding communication standards.

In the case of the internet of things solutions, you have devices that communicate with the help of IP networks, and they come with a huge range of communication protocols. The data delivery is shared via a middle layer that can be found in the cloud. In most of these cases, devices need a connection to the internet. And yes, internet of things solutions have unlimited integration options. However, they do require something that will manage all communications in a proper and meaningful way.

As you can see, there are major differences between the two concepts. Even though IoT may seem to bring a machine to machine connection, it doesn’t deliver the type of experience and results that you may expect. That’s why it can be a very good idea to tackle all these things with the utmost attention and carefulness. It will come in handy if you always focus on integrating the right solution according to your needs. Since each solution is different, it can take quite a lot of time and effort to get the job done accordingly. But you don’t have to rush, and the outcome will be more than ok.

IoT statistics

In 2017, we had an IoT spending of around 284.8 billion dollars, and each year the IoT spending is getting higher and higher. We expect it to be around 300+ billion dollars in 2018 and a lot more in the years to come. As the IoT solutions become more affordable and easier to implement, more and more people want to take advantage of the new technology. This leads to more people interested in these things, and in the end, the return on investment is a huge one for every company and user.

Even the global market for autonomous driving sensor components is set to increase from 0.4 billion USD to around 25 billion in 2030. Of course, this is a growing market, but it’s certainly going to bring in front some amazing benefits, and it’s only for the better in the long term!

Then we have more and more smartphone shipments, to the point where we can expect around 1.7 billion units shipped per year. It’s a huge amount, and thanks to the IoT solutions that require a dedicated phone, we can expect the total shipment amount to be even higher.

A study has shown that the total number of connected wearable devices was around 325 million in 2016, but we can expect it to be around 929 million in 2021. Yes, we are very close to having a heavily connected market and people are more and more interested in the idea of using this type of solutions. It works extremely well for them, and in the end, it’s one of those things that do make the IoT solutions grow even more.

In the end, it’s safe to say that the internet of things solutions is growing at an unprecedented scale. And that’s a very good thing since our society needs connectivity like this to bring in front more value and growth. Hopefully, we can see these trends accelerating at a very rapid pace in the future as well!