Huawei P20 photo

Most of us like phones that are quick and very powerful, but we also want something unique to have in our pocket. But few phones manage to impress right now, as they all try to compete with basically the same hardware and only a few modifications here and there. With that in mind, the Huawei P20 is one of the newest phones that may be different.

According to the latest official invite by Huawei P20, the company suggests that their phone will have 3 rear cameras. We know plenty of devices that are ok with dual cameras on the back of the phone, with the latest iPhones and LG G6 being a good example. But 3 rear cameras? This would surely be a record and one thing that could potentially be very useful for creating panoramic videos and photos.

Leaks suggest that the unit will have 40 MP in total, 5 X Hybrid zoom as well as a 24 MP selfie. This is something very powerful, and it goes to show just how impressive the Huawei P20 is to begin with. The regular Huawei Mate 10 Pro dual lenses already have RGB and Monochrome duties, so what can we expect here?

Apparently, the third lens is all about dept sensing. You get to expand the supported scenes that the camera a recognize, and this can lead to a stellar experience and great results. Huawei P20 is set to be a record holder for quite some time if this is true, as a lot of people would want to get such a unit. Whether it’s true and it will be widely available, that remains to be seen.

But the simple fact that a company tries to break the boundaries like this is nothing short of innovative. That’s groundbreaking stuff, and Huawei does have the resources to do it. They have a solid footing in the mobile photography world, and their sensors have always been the best.

One question does pop to mind, if this is indeed what the company wants, we can expect a bulkier phone. After all, adding in so many sensors is not that simple, and it does come with its own set of challenges and problems out there. While it can take a while to adapt all of this and include it into a phone, we do expect the remaining hardware to be top notch too.

So the questions are, how bulkier the phone did really get to accommodate the additional sensor? Is the price very high? These are obviously very good questions, and they will have an answer soon, as we prepare to get closer and closer to the release date. The phone is set to be released in March, and that’s also the time when we will see an actual price for it. Spec-wise, we are going to be impressed, but how much will we be impressed and how did the third camera affect the unit, that remains to be seen!