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Google and Alphabet, in general, are trying to reach out just about all corners of the tech world. So, it may not come as a major news piece when you see that Google finally decided to create a game console. Since Google is huge all over the world, they do have the exposure and market share to promote a console. And with Microsoft and Sony already having great consoles, Google does have the potential to be one of the major AAA console creators out there.

Aside from that, Google is also said to create a new game streaming service too. Most likely people at Google did see how popular some platforms like this are, and they do want to create a good streaming service that relies on Google’s massive infrastructure and data potential.

The interesting thing about this streaming service codenamed YETI, for now, is that it’s subscription based. If anything, this will be rather similar to PlayStation Now or GeForce Now. Google has massive data centers all over the world and very powerful hardware. So, you can expect to run any game at a very good framerate. Even if this type of service is limited by the user’s internet speed, it’s safe to say that Google does have most of this covered already, and that’s a great thing to know about the platform.

As for the console, it’s said that this console will be a part of the Made by Google program. Android TV consoles do exist now, and Nvidia did create its Shield product that sold very well. But it’s really hard to say if the console will be focused on mobile or desktop. We can imagine that desktop support will be very important here, but then again mobile consoles can be a good addition to the market as well.

Some people were asking if this is a Chromecast console. So, aside from playing games, you could potentially use the console for streaming and so on. This does align with the streaming service that Google wants to launch too. Potentially the console could deliver very good hardware that would run the Google streaming app and then all the heavy lifting would be done by the Google servers in the background. This is a nifty and interesting concept, one that could offer a tremendous return on investment for this platform.
How does this help gamers? Well, Google is known for offering quality products, and they do have the money and infrastructure to design just about everything. The sheer potential of having a Google-made console is astonishing, and who knows what this product may bring to the table. There’s no real release date right now, but the fact that Google makes a gaming console is news-worthy. Will this be a good thing for the market or not? Or will the Google-made console not manage to stand out of the crowd? We will have to wait and see, but for the time being this is just a rumor, albeit a great one!