Fingerprint lock

So you thought fingerprint could lock your smartphones and keep your secrets as secret, well here’s the news for you, the latest research by the researchers of Michigan State University has broken the myth and have brought forth the latest development in the hacking world, now the fingerprint lock can be easily unlocked using an ordinary inkjet printer. The experiment proves that the world is moving at a very fast pace, and the question of security becomes a matter of utmost concern when everything has gone online on mobile.

Researchers Anil Jain and Kai Cao have come up with this experiment wherein they have easily bluffed the fingerprint scanners of Huawei Honor 7 and Samsun Galaxy S6. The secret to a successful spoof needs two basic ingredients, ink and paper. The researchers used conductive silver ink (used to print circuit board) and paper which is used for printing of electrical circuits. Once you have both the ingredients, next step is to get the fingerprints which they attained by getting the pic of the finger for at least 300 dpi, then reversed the image in the horizontal direction. Once you are through with the fingerprint, you need to get the printout and cut in a size larger than the fingerprint. Kai and Anil placed the print out of fingerprint on the sensors of Samsung Galaxy S6 and Huawei Honor 7, and they were successful in spoofing the scanners.

The aim of this research is to generate awareness about how easy it is for anyone to access your personal information and the vulnerability of the fingerprint scanners is a matter of concern for everyone. The experiment raises immediate attention for the mobile manufacturing companies to work on the anti-spoofing techniques for fingerprints, especially when the mobiles are now used for payment processes. Another major point that the experiment points out is that if the fingerprints can be spoofed, then it is very easy for the hackers to hack the biometric techniques using face, iris, etc.

But there is a small catch with the experiment, the printer used are discontinued however the used ones are available online. The hackers could use branded printers, but the Brother printers used in the experiment works the best and give an accurate result which would not be possible with other printers as the nozzle of the Brother printers ejects more ink when compared with the other contemporaries.

If the hackers find their way to these printers and ink, it would be easy for them to access to your phone and personal information. Prior to this, the hackers have been able to spoof Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s within 48 hours of its release. The sole motive of this experiment is to draw the attention of people and the mobile manufacturers to work towards protecting the data. The experiment doesn’t aim to create a mayhem rather it aims at generating awareness and getting the attention of the mobile manufacturers towards improving technology.