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Huawei P20 photo

Huawei P20 launching in March, has 3 rear cameras

Most of us like phones that are quick and very powerful, but we also want something unique to have in our pocket. But few phones manage to impress right now, as they all try...
google logo

Google is set to launch a game console and game streaming service

Google and Alphabet, in general, are trying to reach out just about all corners of the tech world. So, it may not come as a major news piece when you see that Google finally...
Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 launch date confirmed

Samsung Galaxy S9 was pretty much a given, considering how popular the smartphone series is. But each year the company shifts the release schedule, so you don’t really know when and what to expect...
google location history

Google’s location history on Android tracks much more than you think

Google, it seems, always tracks you a bit more than you think, and has often gotten in hot water about privacy concerns, especially on Androidphones. The latest installment is that saga is its opt-in Location...