How to Track Your Phone

There are several reasons why you might want to track a cell phone. You can keep track of the whereabouts of your children if you are concerned about their safety and worried about them, as well as wanting to track the phone if it is stolen. Regardless of the reasons why you might want to do this, there are several available methods for tracking a cell phone.

The procedure for tracking a mobile phone’s location

First, you need access to the phone which you want to monitor. Then search in Google Play or the App Store for your choice of a program that allows you to track a phone: there are a number of free apps for tracking cell phones online. Next, install the program on the cell phone or on a GPS chip set.

Then set the GPS on the mobile phone you want to track to “on”. If the phone doesn’t have GPS, you can get hold of a GPS chip which are now so small that they can be easily overlooked. You can then mount the GPS chip on the back of the phone and most people won’t even notice it. The chip sends a signal with the location of a cell phone. The data will be available to you with the help of programs you can install on your computer.

Install the software on your PC to be able to receive data from your cell phone tracking app. Most tracking programs work with Google Maps.

After installing tracking software you will need to activate it. Most tracking programs send a test message to your phone after activation along the lines of “Your program is activated and ready to use”.

Now the cell phone tracking software is installed, you can return the phone to your child and keep track of his or her location.

Using Google services and Mobile Care

In 2013, the losses and thefts of phones, started thought processes at Google. As a result, its mobile Operating Systems received an interesting feature that allows you to see in an instant the phone’s location on a map. The service was named “Android Device Manager”. For successful operation of the service, GPS must be turned on on your tablet or smartphone. Otherwise, the location can only be approximated from cell locations, or does not appear.

If you lose your phone, working with the help of Android, do not hesitate to follow the link: it allows to view your device on a map. To get started you will be asked to log in using your username and password. Then display Google Maps on your mobile device which is shown as a blue circle. If you use multiple tablets and smartphones, they are all displayed on the map (as long as they have GPS-modules included).

There are now third-party developers offering similar functionality. For example, you can use the app Advanced Mobile Care, which can be found in Google Play. This is a simple antivirus, free of charge. The program can delete unnecessary files, cleaning up the phone and releasing memory. A very useful feature looks is their “Anti-Theft”. It is simple to turn the software on and can see the location of the phone. If you visit the software developer’s website, can also raise an alarm and make the thief who stole your phone jump! Google is also planning to offer something similar. On their site you can call to your phone and if the robber takes answers the call the conversation will send data at the same time via the Internet. If it is a pay as you go phone without any funds left, then a call to the phone won’t go through, unless connected in a Wi-Fi zone. If a call does go through, then the location is displayed.

How to find a tablet?

The procedure is similar to searching for a mobile phone. Obviously the key thing is to always look out for your property, especially such valuable and portable mobile devices.

We urge you to register your mobile devices on the Mobile Passport section of this website and quickly report on there any missing devices.