Android has been famous for its creativity, low price and smooth functionality of not better performance and applications. In fact, the only reason people have always appreciated Android as a separate platform is because of the creativity involved and the ease open source development on the platform. 2016 sees the launch of Android N, the successor of Marshmallow. In March itself, Google has released the latest version which is under development for testing and developers from all over the world over the untested version of Android N already. We too reviewed the functionality of the latest upgrade just months after the release of Marshmallow, and it was quite surprising to find many features of the functionality borrowed from the major Android competitor- Apple. Yes, so Android N does have some of the best features borrowed from iOS 9.

The Split view and Split Screen

One of the most attractive looking things in iOS 9 is the split view, and it was quite a mess in Android when anyone tried to switch over apps for multitasking. So, Android N probably took iOS design as the base for its split view, modified it for improvement and came up with a much better functioning ad improved split screen that allows an easy switch between applications whenever required.


PIP stands for Picture in Picture mode which as you expected, was quite common with the folks currently swooning over the Apple devices they have bought from the market. Apple gave away quite some functionality there to the users and guessed what the TV PIP looks like in the newly released untested version of Android N for developers… You got that right, it strikingly resembles the same look and design as that of the iOS one but unfortunately, not as sharp and efficient yet.

Direct Reply

Android n users will now have the opportunity to reply from the alert banners only, and unfortunately, this feature too was present way before Android N in iOS versions. Surprisingly, it was present in iOS 8 itself. So yes, Android might be coming up with a new version of OS and a new upgrade that the world is going crazy about, but in fact, it has many of its attractive new features borrowed from versions of iOS.

Night Mode

Android M tried to sell off Night Mode in its preview, but sadly, the feature wasn’t there in the released version of the upgrade. Now, Android n will give the users the functionality of the Night Mode, which can be activated according to the location and time. The Night mode will automatically lower the brightness, pick a dark theme for lowering the light being emitted from the device- all by itself. Amazing, isn’t it? Sadly, this too was introduced way back in the iOS versions that gave more priority to user experience than development tools.

Android N might take the smart phone industry by storm, but needless to say, the latest OS upgrade from Google has indeed borrowed a lot in design and functionality from iOS 9 and previous versions.