Find an activity partner through this App – as long as you are an Apple user.

Don’t worry about personality profiles, just find yourself an “activity partner” who can join in with your choice of sport or leisure activity – as long as you (and your prospective partner!) are an Apple user, as the Android version is still in development.

First, you select your activity, which can be as diverse as running and kayaking, and then browse through people who like the same type of activity.

“Jabo was built for people who want to meet their ideal activity partner. The app attracts people who like to be active or spend time being outdoors,”  Jabo’s Marketing Director, Gabriel Rotman, told GSMPress. “We originally limited the type of activities you could pick on the app for testing purposes. Now that Jabo’s user base has grown significantly, users will be able to pick from a much greater variety of physical activities.”

You can give it a try by downloading the App from the Apple App Store. Just don’t tell your existing partner!